25+ ways to make Easter extra fun for kids

By Tamia Miller on February 22nd, 2024
17474 Extra Easter Fun MC

When it comes to Easter, we love leaning in to joy, faith and the beauty in creating core memories for the whole family. That’s especially true when it comes to little ones, because nothing compares to the gift of their pure excitement and big smiles during all the fun.

To help you make their Easter extra special, we rounded up dozens of our favourite ideas to help. Think Easter basket ideas, festive games & activities, Easter egg hunt tips, yummy recipes and tons of goodness to hop into!

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17474 Extra Easter Fun MC

Easter Bunny-approved games and activities

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Say hip-hop-hooray to happy times with Easter egg hunt ideas, Easter egg decorating inspo and more!

  • Colour together. Pull out these free, printable Easter colouring pages while waiting for your newly beautified eggs to dry, or consider adding them into Easter baskets for a fun downtime activity.
  • Decorating eggs, of course. We’ve got ideas for every skill level and art style—adorable animal faces? Check. Easy, beautiful watercolour designs? You know it. Chaotic confetti designs kids will love making? YESSS. Check ’em all out here!
  • Plan the best Easter egg hunt ever. We’ve even got ideas to get the grown-ups involved. See how with these ideas!
  • Send Easter cards. Whether they’re sending them to their friends, teachers, grandparents or someone else, there’s just something insanely cute about a kid’s handwriting in a card. If you need help writing your Easter card messages after choosing your Easter cards, we’ve got you covered.
  • Help the kids make DIY Easter baskets for someone special. We all love receiving Easter baskets, but it’s important to pass that kindness on to others we’re thankful for. Work with little ones to build an Easter basket for a person they’re grateful for. It can be a mentor, babysitter, relative, friend, neighbour, mail carrier—let them decide and get excited about it. We’ve got Easter basket ideas for all ages to get you started, with inspiration for gifts, decorations and more.
  • Paint some faces! Nothing brings people together more than a face painting booth. The excitement of deciding what design to get, the agony of waiting in line, the crucial decision of glitter or no glitter (glitter is ALWAYS the answer, FYI✨). Add some of that fun to your Easter celebration by buying your own face painting kit to try at home! Just know that the kids will want to paint your face, so consider saving this one for after church or anywhere you’ll be seen in public. 😊
  • Host an Easter-themed tea party. Because what kid—or adult, really—doesn’t feel special at a tea party? If you’re already in your Sunday best ’fits, that’s great! But pyjamas are also fully acceptable (bonus points if bunny ears are included somewhere). Scroll down for our food recommendations!

Kids Easter gift ideas

To really plus things up, consider putting a cute gift in your little one’s Easter basket.

  • Have a faith-based story time. Books are great for sharing uplifting words, discussing prayer and teaching kids about faith.
  • Put a new twist on the chocolate bunny. If your family loves to bake, try some wacky variations of the typical chocolate bunny. Rice cereal and marshmallows, cheesecake, carrot cake—see how many ways you can recreate a delicious bunny!
  • Or have the ultimate chocolate party. Chocoholics, this is your time to SHINE. Find every chocolate bunny you can and have your family vote on which one tastes the best, or experiment with some of our favourite chocolate recipes.
  • Have a puppet show. You can get crafty making your own cute sock puppets.
  • Play hide-and-seek. No kid can turn down a good game of hide-and-seek, especially when the prize is a cute plush from Hallmark. First one to find the plush (expertly hidden by you!) gets to keep it.
  • Make and send flower bouquets. We can’t talk about Easter without talking about spring and all the pretty flowers that start to bloom! Help the kids pick their favourite ones to share, then check out these cute ways to wrap them.
  • Make Easter decorations. Welcome spring sunshine with these cute, easy to DIY Easter decor ideas.
  • Play with chalk.
  • Make Easter egg dioramas. It’s easier than it sounds, promise! Check out these free printables and instructions to see for yourself.
  • Get artsy with Easter crafts. Make a colourful garland, playful pinwheels and more—free printables and instructions included! Or try these picks to craft with food.

Big idea: Have a scavenger hunt!

Give the kids a challenge by hiding some of their Easter basket goodies in wacky places during a scavenger hunt!


Easter basket ideas for every little bunny

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  • Peep these Easter basket ideas for all ages. Whether you’ve got a toddler, tween or teen (or even just want to spoil friends or family) we have lots of ideas here.
  • Go sugarless. Feeling like things are sweet enough without the marshmallow chicks, malted milk eggs and chocolate bunnies? Then check out these 75+ Easter basket ideas without candy.
  • Send springtime cheer across the miles. These Easter care package ideas are filled with fun surprises for kids, plus ideas for big kids, too.
  • Crack them up. A true fan favourite, this singing, dancing, egg-laying hen is guaranteed to give little ones ALL the giggles!
  • Get the Easter Bunny to deliver a card. Kids tend to find getting mail pretty magical—and honestly, we still do, too. So why not add a kids’ Easter card to their basket? Your choice on whether it’s signed by Mr. Bunny or not. 😉


Fun with food

If the only thing on your menu is chocolate bunnies, we’re not judging. But if you want to switch it up a bit, we’ve got some tried and true recipes here to check out:

Does anyone else smell devilled eggs? Carrot cake? Chocolate?! We’re a little excited about Easter if you couldn’t tell, friends. And we hope you (along with your fave little bunnies) are, too.