5 devilled egg recipes to use up all those Easter eggs

By Shanna Smith on March 1st, 2023
Deviled Eggs 5 Ways media card

It happens every year—you buy a dozen or more eggs to boil, dye, hide and seek, only to find yourself surprised to find them back in your fridge after the Easter fun is done.

Now, for the moment, let’s put aside the question of, “Well, where did you think they were going to end up?” (It’s self-patronizing at worst and unhelpful at best.) Instead, let’s ask ourselves, “What could we do with them that’s yummy?”

After all, hard-boiled eggs take quite well to being doctored up—most notably in the form of devilled eggs. So we’ve gathered up five delicious devilled egg recipes that will not only help you get rid of those eggs fast, but might also have people asking you how you made them.

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Deviled Eggs 5 Ways media card

Classic Devilled Eggs

Of course you know we have to start with the classic. Just in case you’re looking for a solid, basic recipe for picky egg eaters.

Hot tip: Some people put sweet pickle relish in their yolk filling. If you like the sound of that, but you don’t love the texture, I’m a fan of adding just a little bit of sweet pickle juice!

Bagel and Lox Devilled Eggs

Add a brunchy twist to your devilled eggs by adding classic flavours found in a bagel and lox tray. The extra protein will keep you full all morning long.

Hot tip: Smoked salmon can be pretty salty, so it’s good to be a little conservative with the amount of salt in the yolk mixture.

Thai Curry Devilled Eggs

We LOVE this one. The coconut milk and curry paste transform this take on devilled eggs into something completely different, in a good way.

Hot tip (literally): While red jalapeños make for a prettier garnish, they are typically hotter than the less ripened green version. Keep that in mind when serving to kids or people who aren’t hot sauce fans.

Bloody Mary Devilled Eggs

There we go, making it brunchy again. But come on, they’re eggs! Simply add flavours you’d find in your fave boozy brunch cocktail to a devilled egg and voila—deliciousness.

Hot tip: Feel free to go as overboard with toppings as you would on your cocktail. Bacon? Shrimp? It’s allllll good.

BBQ Chicken Devilled Eggs

Welp, we did it—we made the best devilled egg ever. You might be tempted to ask, “Isn’t that a bit much with the poultry?” To which we’d ask in return: “Has adding fried chicken to anything ever ended badly?” Exactly…no.

Hot tip: Get those chicken tenders nice and crispy. They make a great texture addition. And if you do pickles with your chicken, they’d go great here, too!