Unique & Colorful Unicorn Party Ideas

By Chevonn Payton on November 24th, 2023
Unicorn Party Ideas MC

Celebrate your one-of-a-kind kid’s birthday with a bright, cheerful and unique unicorn party. Unicorns are playful and happy and live in a world of sunshine and rainbows—what better theme for young party-goers? And calling someone a “unicorn” means saying they’re a rare, extraordinary creature: Just like your favourite kiddo. Here are some ideas for creating a wonderful party—and sneaking in a few sweet, positive messages.

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Unicorn Party Ideas MC

Fabulous Unicorn Party Decorations

Unicorn Poo Table Drinks

Unicorn party colours are easy to choose: all of them. Whether you go with pretty and pastel or bright and bold, let the rainbow be your guide. And throw in some sparkly accents—gold, silver, and glitter. A few decoration suggestions:

  • Start with white basics (like a table cloth and plates) so your colours really pop. Rainbow-themed napkins and treat bags are easy to find—or just mix and match colours.
  • Cover the table with giant DIY confetti made with a large hole punch and tissue paper scraps.
  • Hang some festive pennants with inspiring messages, stick up a few gold paper stars, make a tissue paper tassel garland, add some balloons—there’s no such thing as over-the-top at a unicorn party.
  • Give your table a centrepiece: try an oversized unicorn stuffed animal, a unicorn cake or a stand filled with unicorn cupcakes, or a wrapped box decorated like a unicorn.

Creative Unicorn Party Activities

Unicorn coloring page and activity

Want a few activities to keep the kiddos before and after cake? Here you go…

Activity #1: Magical unicorn colouring page [free printable]
Want to keep your little herd of unicorns occupied for a few moments? Take a creativity break with a box of crayons and our free unicorn colouring page.

Activity #2: Unicorn name generator [free printable]
They pick words that describe them and activities they do with their friends from our list and voila! That’s their unicorn name.

Print our Magical Activity Booklet for each child—it includes the colouring page and the name generator.


Frisky Unicorn Party Games

Unicorn party activities

All you need is a unicorn headband and lightweight rings to let kids test their aim. One kid wears a unicorn horn while another kid tosses rings to see how many they can land. Here are a few ways to play:

Game #1: Unicorn Rainbow Ring Toss Relay
Place two 5’ pieces of tape or string parallel to each other about 3’ to 5’ feet apart (depending on the age, coordination, and arm-span of your party guests). Split the guests into two groups, and have them line up behind one of the lines. Give the first child in each line a unicorn headband, and the second a rainbow ring. On your “go” signal, the first child moves to stand behind the other line, and the second child tries to the ring onto the horn. (The child with the headband can move around to catch the ring, but can’t cross the line.) Once the ring has been caught, the unicorn hands the headband to the ring-thrower and the ring to the next child in line, and goes to the back of the line. Scoring: Whoever gets through the line first wins. Or count how many catches a team can make in a certain amount of time.

Game #2: Pass the Rainbow Ring
This is a great game for cooperation. Ask the kids to make a circle. Two children standing next to each other put on the unicorn headbands, with one ring placed on one of their horns. The player with the ring must pass it to the other player without using their hands—if they drop it, they must pick it back up on their own horn before passing it to the other player. Once the ring has passed, the first child gives their horn to the child on the other side of the player with the ring. See how long it takes to pass the ring all the way around the circle.

Game #3: Rainbow Ring Tag
Two players wear the unicorn headbands—they are unicorns running free. The other players take turns trying to throw the rainbow rings on their horns; whoever can “catch” them with a ring gets to become a unicorn. This is best played outside or in a large open space.


Lovely Unicorn Party Favours

Unicorn party favors

Party Favour #1: Proclamation of Friendship certificate [free printable]
Whether their best unicorn buddy is imaginary, invisible, or stuffed, they can pledge their dedication with this cute, displayable Proclamation of Friendship certificate.

Party Favour #2: Unicorn Pencil Pouches
A unicorn pencil pouch or zipper bag filled with a few colourful markers or crayons and a sheet of stickers makes a great party favour to go with the booklet.


Yummy Unicorn Party Food

Magical Unicorn Cupcakes

More fun than a field of magical creatures, these unicorn cupcakes are pretty simple to make. All you need is a pastry bag with a large star tip and some gel food colouring—along with pre-made unicorn horns and ears—to create this magical batch of goodies.

Unicorn Poo Meringues

Use the linked recipe for classic holiday peppermint meringue cookies, but flavour with strawberry extract instead. For rainbow colours, paint the inside of your pastry bag with stripes of gel food colouring and pipe into poop-emoji style swirls.

You might also try:

  • Sodas, fruit drinks, or even flavoured milk in lots of different colours
  • A fill-your-own treat sack candy buffet with M&Ms, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, jelly beans, Starbursts and gummy bears
  • OR (if you’re worried about candy overload) a colourful fruit platter with cut strawberries, orange slices, banana slices, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes