Connect with loved ones, through culturally authentic designs and bold words of affirmation. Hallmark Mahogany helps us honour the past and celebrate the uniqueness of Black culture. 

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Honour & Celebrate Black History Month

Our Hallmark writers share creative ideas, resources and tools to inspire you in February and beyond.

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Beautiful and powerful. Brilliant and bold. Soulful and true. Introducing Hallmark Mahogany.

Mahogany is Hallmark’s line that proudly celebrates Black identity with messages of culture and faith, pride and love. Mahogany is the place we go when we want to express ourselves fully. It lifts us up and holds us down. It takes the bad and makes it better, and solidifies a connection that transforms better into incredible.

The newest collection, Uplifted & Empowered, is powerful, authentic and filled with humanity. Through the lens of Black Lives Matter, a team of passionate Black writers, editors and designers created Uplifted & Empowered to lift up the community and address the systemic issues of racial injustice that rose to the forefront of the world’s consciousness in 2020. It’s an ideal means of presenting unique cards that speak to racial resilience and the Black experience.

Mahogany helps us deepen our bonds of friendship and love with those we value most by providing authentic and innovative ways to celebrate, inspire and make a positive difference in the lives of those we care for. From funny to poetic, spiritual to romantic, Mahogany provides the ideal conduit to connect in the ways that matter most. And Hallmark is constantly working on new ways to create more fresh, fun and culturally relevant Mahogany cards.

For 30 years, Hallmark has been celebrating what is most beloved about Black culture with greeting cards and gifts for everyday occasions, holidays and milestones. Shop our full selection of Mahogany birthday cards, plus gifts and cards for everyday occasions like weddings, new babies, anniversaries and graduation cards. Mark the holiday season with Mahogany Christmas decorations and Black Christmas ornaments for all of your personal expression needs.

You can also learn more about Black History Month, how to support Black friends, and read about ideas for self-care for Black women with our collection of articles.

Interested in purchasing Hallmark cards, gift wrap, boxed cards or stationery online? Visit for everything you need to celebrate all the important moments in your life.