Self-Care Quotes – Because You Deserve Them

By Hallmark staff on June 20th, 2020
This year i will love

Self-care is trending these days, but the idea is not new. You hear it at the beginning of every big journey: Put your own oxygen mask on before attempting to help others. Taking care of yourself is important—especially if you want to take care of the people you love. And every now and then we all could use a reminder, or a poke, or permission to be gentle and nurturing to ourselves. So we went to Hallmark’s writers for a bunch of inspiring, thoughtful, playful, and pithy self-care quotes—because different affirmations work for different kinds of people.

This year i will love

“You’re worthy of love” self-care quotes

Have i told you

Have you told you lately that you love you?

Love the person

Love the person you’ve worked to become.

Love yourself like you are loved

Love yourself like you are loved.

This year i will love

This year, I will love the work in progress that is me.

More “you’re worthy of love” self-care quotes:

  • To thine own self be nice.
  • You, too, are one of Nature’s precious creatures.

“You’re awesome” self-care quotes

Its not your job

It’s not your job to fit yourself into a box.
That’s a cat’s job.

Nurture your spark

Nurture your spark. Find your uniqueness. Know how much you matter.

More “you’re awesome” self-care quotes:

  • When your life is in your own hands, you can shape it into something beautiful.
  • You are a sparkly gem in a world of dumb rocks. Sparkle on.
  • Let people know what you’re made of! Unless you’re a hot dog.
  • I don’t know who ordered the combo platter of amazing, but here I am.
  • Let yourself be fun. Be runaway llama fun.
  • Dance like you have rhythm.

“You need a break” self-care quotes

An empty tank will take you nowhere

An empty tank will take you exactly nowhere.

Take time to refuel.

Because it makes

Because it makes me happy.

Next question.

Let your inner peace out

Let your inner peace out.

When life gives you

When life gives you a dumpster fire,
roast marshmallows.

More “you need a break” self-care quotes:

  • Me-time like you mean it.
  • Waste today wisely.
  • Laughter is like a full-body massage for your soul.
  • Aaaaand exhale.

“You could use a pep talk” self-care quotes

Announcing my excercise plan

Announcing my exercise plan!
Supporting my own dreams.
Lifting my expectations.
Running my own life.

Feel free to get

Feel free to get hugely, ridiculously happy about the tiniest little things.

More “you could use a pep talk” self-care quotes:

  • Never be careful what you wish for.
  • Feed your passion. Feed your spirit. Feed your face. Hey, whatever you need.
  • Kick some butt. Have some fun. Blow your own damn mind.
  • Every day is a little win.
  • It’s pretty simple. Smile more than you frown. Listen more than you speak. Believe more than you doubt. Shower more than you not shower.

“You’re good for the world” self-care quotes

A generous heart always

A generous heart always has more to give.

More “you’re good for the world” self-care quotes:

  • Your kind of kind is the best kind.
  • Hug more. Even if it’s awkwardly.
  • A giving heart is a beautiful heart.
  • Looking out for number one everyone.
  • Be Nice. —The Bible, Extremely Condensed Version
  • Do no evil. Speak no evil. Tolerate no evil. Cuddle all kittens.

“You’re enough” self-care quotes

You are doing your best

You are doing your best. And it is enough.

More “you’re enough” self-care quotes:

  • #GOALS: Awake and vertical.
  • Self-motivated. Coffee-assisted.
  • I just want to be left alone for the rest of my life or at least until Saturday.
  • I’m an amethyst in the rough. Not a diamond, but still pretty good.

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