Itsy-Bitsy Spiderweb Cake

By Hallmark staff on August 24th, 2022

The kids get candy. But you—the fabulous passer-outer of treats—deserve something more grown up. Something fancier. Something more delicious. You deserve a spiderweb cake enrobed in buttercream frosting, slathered in marshmallow cobwebs and finished with our free downloadable cake toppers.

Bake it yourself or grab a plain cake at a bakery and just do the fun part, then serve it up with a little spiked cider. Happy Halloween to you.


How to Make a Spiderweb Cake


What you’ll need:

• Free spider cake topper printable, printed on card stock
• Wooden skewers
• Hot glue gun and glue
• Clear tape
• Scissors or craft knife
• 8-13 large marshmallows
• Microwave-safe bowl
• Spoon


Start with a layer cake covered in fondant or smooth buttercream that has been allowed to “crust.” We used grey frosting on a six-inch cake, but a white web on a white cake is gorgeous, and white on black is classic.


Step 1: Get your toppers ready

Cut out the spiders and “Eeekk!!” lettering.

Use tape to stick a skewer to the back for the “Eeekk!!”

Put a spider face down, and use the glue gun to put a blob of glue in the centre. Stand a skewer up in the glue, flat side down, and hold it until the glue cools and sets. Repeat with as many spiders as you want on your cake.


Step 2: Melt the marshmallows

Put the marshmallows in a bowl and pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds.


Stir until they make a lovely, melty mess. (If you need to, nuke them a little bit more 5-10 seconds at a time. Don’t overdo it!)


Step 3: Cover the cake in cobwebs

Once the marshmallows have cooled enough to touch, pull out a blob and stretch it between your fingers. Pull it apart until it’s stringy and drape it over the cake.

(If you want to see how it looks before you commit the marshmallow to the cake, you can always try it on parchment first.)


Keep going. You can do thin strands, thick blobs, disciplined wrapping or tangled weaving. This is your web.


Step 4: Add the toppers

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, add the toppers—leave a little room between the spider and the cake for a 3D effect.

We taped our extra spiders to toothpicks and popped them into some cupcakes.


That’s it! Your creepy, crawly, spiderweb cake is ready for Instagramming and eating. No tricks, all treats for you!