How to throw the ultimate surprise birthday party

By Tamia Miller on December 5th, 2023
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Throwing a surprise birthday party is about more than just popping confetti and sharing cake, even though those things are fun, too! What makes a surprise party so special is the effort, planning and dedication that goes into making someone you care about feel deeply understood and celebrated. It shows that you know the little things—their favourite foods, the people they’d want there and the ways to decorate that would make them walk in and say, “How’d you know?”

But sometimes, the logistics can get a little difficult. How do you round up a guest list of people and discreetly send invites? How do you pick a party scene and get the birthday person there without seeming suspicious? Where do you even start? We’re answering all your big questions and helping you plan a meaningful, heartfelt surprise birthday party with this guide!

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16906 Ultimate Surprise 1
Disclaimer: Surprise parties are not for everyone! For some people, the thought of an impromptu party can bring more anxiety and discomfort than excitement. (And that’s totally OK!)
Before planning one, make sure that the guest of honour is comfortable being in the spotlight. You can still use the tips here to throw them a great party but just scale back on the surprise elements.

Step 1: Pick a surprise birthday party theme close to their heart

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My favourite thing about surprise parties is that you get the chance to make someone feel truly seen and appreciated for who they are. To me, that’s at the core of their party theme—the interests, lovable quirks, and/or hobbies that matter most to them.

If they love taking painting classes, throw a canvas painting party! Do they spend their weekends making elaborate charcuterie boards? Make it a “bring-your-own-board” get-together! The options here are literally endless—as long as it’s something they’re into, your guest of honour will be happy.

If you’re a little stumped on ideas and need some inspo, here are some fun party ideas you can always fall back on:

  • Costume party. Pick a TV show or movie they love and have guests dress like characters from it.
  • Spa party. Who doesn’t love a little relaxation? Have everyone dress comfortably and plan a day full of relaxing activities. Think foot baths, massages, face masks, candles and warm tea.
  • Recreate one of their favourite childhood memories. Whenever someone asks me what my favourite childhood memory is, I always say my 7th birthday party. It was a wildly fun, chaotic day filled with water balloons, sack races, all my favourite people and best of all (sorry to my favourite people)—A BOUNCY HOUSE. So, yes, if someone were to recreate this day, I’d probably never stop talking about it. And your guest of honour would likely feel just as special if you did it for them!
  • Speaking of childhood, throw a party full of kid-themed activities. Bring out everyone’s inner child with a day that feels like recess—kickball, dodge-ball, hide-and-seek, tag, jump ropes, hula hooping—add pigtails and we’re practically back in elementary school! You can even encourage guests to dress up like their childhood selves and bring the photo they used for reference—cuteness overload incoming!
  • If the party you’re throwing is for a milestone birthday, we’ve got cool ideas to celebrate them here. Or for a summer baby, check out these summer birthday party ideas.
  • Picnic party. Finger foods, a cozy aesthetic and cute mushroom garlands—what more could one ask for? See our tips on throwing a picnic party with spring vibes here.
  • Art party. If your guest of honour loves arts and crafts, gather some art supplies and have different activity stations like water-colouring painting, colouring, jewellery making or any of these fun, DIY ideas.

Step 2: Set the scene at the surprise birthday party with decorations

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Once you’ve decided on a party theme, it’s time to find the perfect place to host it. Some things to consider:

  • How many people are you inviting?
  • What kind of space do you need for the activities planned? A living room, a big backyard, an open field, a large venue?
  • Is there space for parking?

No matter where you have the surprise party, decorations are a must to make it magical! And creating an awe-inspiring scene that wows the guest of honour doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start by thinking about things they already like—their favourite colours, the kind of art they have on the wall, weird trinkets they own like a snow globe with a rainbow unicorn inside (I love colour), etc. Use these as inspiration for small details. If their apartment is covered in everything pink, it’s safe to say they’d love a pink overload party. If they have doughnut-themed magnets, pillows and mugs all around the house, incorporate something with donuts into the party decor.

The point is to make the seemingly small things about them come to the forefront on their big day. It feels pretty amazing to have someone notice the little details about you and make the effort to show it!

If you need extra help with party setup or a little more inspo, we’ve got tons of ideas for making your celebration look great without the hassle:

  • Want an all-in-one kit that has every party essential? Try one of our Colour Pop party packs.
  • How about some fun DIY ideas to plus up the party? Check these out. And these, too!

Step 3: Put together your surprise birthday party guest l

As someone who’s always been a terrible liar, has no poker face and is just generally bad at keeping a secret, I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid any sort of don’t-spill-the-beans scenarios. That’s why it didn’t shock my family when I blurted out to my brother his 12th birthday surprise party plans.

Do I still cringe and get disappointed in myself when I think about it? YES. Do I want to save others from my tragic mistake? Also YES. So, take it from me: When you send out invitations to guests, make it very clear that it’s a surprise party. Bold it, underline it, send everyone a carrier pigeon with a note that says it (well, maybe not that one)—just make it known that the party is a surprise!

Don’t wanna leave a paper trail?

Send a discreet invitation to your guests with a Video Greeting. Capture a fun video of yourself requesting their attendance, add photos of the birthday person, pick out a song and send. It’s a great way to get the party started!


Step 4: Surprise birthday party prep

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When it comes to surprise parties, it’s helpful to be prepared for anything. And since you might be working with multiple people to coordinate things, it doesn’t hurt to have a list handy with everything you need. Here’s ours:

  • A cake stand
  • A cake topper (if you want to make one yourself, check out these DIY cake toppers)
  • Candles
  • Paper plates
  • Cups
  • Utensils
  • Tablecloth
  • Confetti poppers
  • Napkins
  • Gift wrap
  • A gift bag
  • A cocktail shaker (mocktails are welcome, too)
  • Music—our Spotify playlists are perfect for partying the night away
  • Thank-you cards

Pro tip: If you’re assigning some of your surprise party supplies to friends and family to bring, try to give the most important items to individuals who can be counted on to show up on time—or better yet, a little early!

Step 5: Planning the surprise birthday party menu

Remembering someone’s favourite foods is basically another way of saying I love you. So when it comes to creating the party menu, it’s all in the details! Do they prefer chocolate or vanilla cake? Whipped or buttercream icing? Would they prefer something else entirely, like cupcakes or funnel cakes? (My cousin requested mini homemade funnel cakes for his birthday one year and it was kind of the best thing ever.)

The goal here is simply to make sure that some of their favourite foods make an appearance. Don’t stress if you can’t remember all of their beloved food items because that’s practically impossible. Just try to think of stuff you know for sure they love. Hint: Think about the thing they always call you to pick up from the store or the comfort foods they go to during hard days.

Need some goodies to get your taste buds inspired? Check out these party faves!

Fun finger foods:

For vegan folks:

Sweet treats:

Pro tip: Consider any allergies, dietary restrictions and foods they just hate when crafting the menu.

Step 6: Getting the guest of honor to the surprise birthday party

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The hardest part about throwing a surprise party is keeping it a secret from the star of the show. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to get the guest of honour to the gathering without spoiling anything:

  • One easy way to distract the birthday person? Let others steal them for something fun! Schedule an outing for them with a friend or loved one while you set up, like a birthday breakfast or lunch, a trip to the movies or a spa appointment. Make it seem like this is part of a present for them so they’ll already be excited and feeling good. They can really be shocked when they get the gift of a party in their honour!
  • If they’re really observant and likely to pick up on any odd behaviour (I’m talking to my fellow bad liars/no-poker-face folks), let them know where you’re going ahead of time. Just leave out that it’s a party full of people instead of just the two of you.
  • Coordinate with family and friends to get everyone together while you steal the birthday person. Suggest going out for a sweet treat or grabbing one of those awesome birthday freebies—coffee, ice cream, etc. Make sure someone you trust has a key to the house and while you’re gone, let them sneak everyone inside. Everyone needs to move quickly and work together, but the look of shock on the birthday person’s face when they get back will be priceless!
  • Plan a smaller surprise, then follow up with the party. Maybe it’s a gift you have to pick up at a friend/family member’s house or a trip to that bookstore they’ve been dying to check out. They’ll assume that is the big surprise and be amazed by the real one!

Pro tip: It’s better for the birthday person to find out about their party beforehand than be upset or stressed about a lie intended to keep the secret. Don’t say/do anything that takes the surprise element too far and gets them in a bad mood.

Ways to make it even more meaningful:

  • Have everyone donate beforehand to a charity/cause the birthday person cares about.
  • Make a birthday scrapbook that guests can add to before or during the party. Encourage people to fill it with kind words, photos and favourite memories. Long-distance loved ones can also send in birthday cards and letters.
  • Use Video Greetings to make a mini movie with pre-filmed clips from guests. Let people say a simple happy birthday wish, or make it more personal with a theme/question like “What’s a small detail you love about them?”
  • Have guests pitch in for a big item the birthday person has expressed wanting, such as a new computer or gaming system.
  • Be intentional about asking them what they want months before their birthday comes. Slip questions casually into conversation, such as “What’s your idea of a dream birthday party?” or “What’s been your favourite birthday so far and why?” If you ask wayyy before the big day, they probably won’t think much of it (and likely forget you ever brought it up).
  • If your birthday person is super sentimental, this one is especially for them! Film different stages of the planning process to create a mini documentary. Showcase all the thoughtful preparation and details that went into organizing the party—ordering their cake ahead of time, getting invites sent weeks ahead and shopping for/setting up decorations. They’ll feel incredibly loved knowing how much dedication was poured into making their day so special.

Now, grab a party hat—you’re ready to throw an unforgettable surprise birthday party! With all their favourite people and things in one place, we hope your guest of honour can see just how loved and appreciated they are.