Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cookies with Metallic Piping

By Jennifer Fujita on December 1st, 2023
Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cookies with Metallic Piping MC

No fancy decorating skills needed! We used a dusting of edible gold metallic powder and gold nonpareils to give these classic gingerbread cookies a shot of sophistication.

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Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cookies with Metallic Piping MC


  • Gingerbread cookies covered in white royal icing
  • Yellow, brown, and green gel food color
  • Pastry bag
  • Small round decorating tip (size 2 or 3)
  • Edible metallic gold powder
  • A few drops of vodka, lemon extract, or water
  • A fine paintbrush
  • Nonpareils (avoid the silver ones, called dragees—they’re covered with a small amount of inedible silver and are recommended for decoration only)


  1. Start by tinting a portion of royal icing with yellow and a touch of brown gel food colour to get a golden yellow tone.
  2. Pipe a variety of designs—lines, triangles, circles and stars—using a pastry bag and small round tip. Allow them to dry.
  3. Brush with a mixture of gold powder and a few drops of vodka (you can also use water or extracts) to add the metallic shimmer.
  4. Attach nonpareils with drops of royal icing.
  5. Mix some green icing and pipe some pine needles to add a little more Christmas cheer.

Try this recipe for gingerbread if you are baking from scratch.

Here is Bernhard's royal icing recipe.

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