Gift Wrap with a Built-in Card Pocket

By Hallmark staff on October 13th, 2021

Make sure your card stays with the present by making a card pocket when you wrap the box. Start with reversible wrapping paper and watch the video to see how:

  • Start with a rectangle, and fold one top corner down to meet the opposite side, making a triangle. Smooth the fold.
  • Flip the paper over and tape the short end (opposite the point) to the edge of the gift box.
  • Roll the box to wrap the paper around it—pull it tight, but be gentle—creating a pocket on one of the wide sides. Gently crease the edges.
  • Starting at the bottom of the pocket, fold the ends in short sides first, then long sides, and tape closed. Repeat on the other end.
  • Slide the card into the pocket. If you’re worried the card will slide out in transit, add a little piece of double-stick tape to the back of the envelope

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