Gift ideas to celebrate parents

By Ashley Dorf, Tamia Miller and Kelly Castor on May 7th, 2024
17720 Gift Ideasfor Parent MC

How do you say “I love you” to parents that mean so much—the ones who’ve handled plenty of diaper changes (the reallyyy gross ones), tolerating you as a moody teen and a lifetime of unwillingly sharing their food. To show them a little appreciation, we’ve specially curated these fun gift ideas to celebrate parents and their favourite fandoms!

Whether you need Mother’s Day gift ideas, Father’s Day gift ideas or sweet “just because” goodies, these gifts are perfect for making your parents feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and quite possibly jump around cheering, full super-fan style).

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17720 Gift Ideasfor Parent MC

Now, if you’re wondering what makes these fandom gift ideas so special, we’ve got two big reasons why:

1. They show that you genuinely care about and pay attention to your loved one’s interests. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Golden Girls or still haven’t finished all the Star Wars™ movies, it shows that you put in the effort to find meaningful gifts they’d cherish.

Plus when they look at these gifts, it’ll be a reminder not only of a show or movie that makes them happy, but how loved they are to receive such thoughtful, personal gifts.

2. You’ll get to give someone else that “excited like a kid on Christmas morning” feeling. Parents often make the holidays feel special for us, but how often do you get to give them that joy in return?

There’s just something beautiful about growing up and pouring some of that love back into your them. (Now excuse me while I go dry my eyes and hug my parents.)


Gilmore Girls gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents Gilmore

Does anything feel cozier than curling up on the couch for a Gilmore Girls marathon? If this is your parent’s comfort show (because it’s kind of the epitome of one), give them some of that small town charm with these gifts!

With the beautiful Stars Hollow Map blanket, food groups platter and coffee quotes mug, they’ll have all the watch party essentials they need. For some decorative fun around the house, this cute Luke’s Diner canister and Stars Hollow daisy picture frame are perfect picks. Speaking of daisies, if your fan happens to be your mom or mom-like figure, give them their flowers with a beautiful Paper Wonder Mother’s Day card. (Full collection coming in April!)


The Office gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents office

Iconic theme song? Check. Hilarious yet lovable characters? Check. If you have the ultimate The Office fan parent, help them show off with these great gift options.

For the expert at memorizing iconic lines, this framed sentiment—featuring Dwight’s wise-ish words—is perfect for their wall. And you know they’re a great person already, but maybe they deserve an award, just like in the show. We love the celebratory energy of this phone holder, plus this perpetual calendar that helps them stay on track—and stay awesome.

If they enjoy spending time in the kitchen to start their day, this tea towel and oven mitt set might be fitting. To tie it all together, they can revel in some of their favourite catchphrases and icons when they drink their coffee from this mug with sound. (Collection available in April!)


Golden Girls gift ideas

16586 Golden G

If your parent is a fan of Golden Girls, chances are they’re also full of wisdom, give pretty good advice (most of the time) and have an amazing sense of humour.

They can cozy up with adorable socks and a huge portrait blanket, plus a mug for any hot drink cravings. You can also tell them how much you appreciate them (and all the jokes they bring) with a card, plus a collection of itty bittys featuring all their fave gals in their bowling team best.

A little add-on for Hallmark Channel lovers

If your parent is always watching Golden Girls reruns, chances are they’re a big fan of the Hallmark Channel. Which means they’d probably love having access to Hallmark-exclusive movies and series anytime they want.


Peanuts gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents Peanuts

If you have a Peanuts®-obsessed parent who loves silly dogs, the great outdoors and comics so much that they just might be an honorary Beagle Scout, we have the perfect gifts for them.

If they’re always seeking a new outdoor adventure, the Beagle Scouts tea towel and s’mores fork set is the epitome of festive fun. Add a Beagle Scouts Morning Roll Call mug and Snoopy crew socks to their bag, and they’re ready to take on anything nature throws at them.

If they’re more of the staycation type, you can’t go wrong with a limited-edition figurine that brings nature to them and holds a pen, too! They can daydream of outdoor escapades using Beagle Scouts assorted notebooks—or you can send them a nice note of your own in an adventure card.


Disney gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents Mickey

We’re going to say it—being a Disney adult is cool. And when your parents are Disney adults, it’s EVEN COOLER. We’ve got everything you need to celebrate your favourite Mouse super-fans.

A Disney-loving household wouldn’t be complete without Mickey literally EVERYWHERE. So bring something special to every room with gifts like this Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends colour-changing mug, a Disney Mickey sculpted pencil holder, Disney Mickey Mouse treat jar with sound and Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends rocket figurine.

If they’re far away, sending something as simple as a Disney Mickey Mouse Faces card can make their day so much brighter. Are you feeling even more generous? Throw in a little gift card to their favourite store or restaurant—and hold it in place with an adorable Mickey plush gift card holder.


Star Wars gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents Star Wars

There’s being a fan of something, and then there’s being a Star Wars™ fan. They are not the same. 😂 If a parent (or two) lives and breathes all things Star Wars™, we have lots of go-to gift options.

Whipping up some tasty treats for your next watch party? You can’t have a tasty food arrangement without some drinks to go with it. They can sip in style with Star Wars: The Mandalorian™️ drinking glasses featuring their favourite characters. If you’re looking for something a little extra, this Star Wars Rancor™️ cookie holder mug is just the thing for convenient (and tasty!) dunking.

If they’re more of the cozy-up-on-the-couch type, these Star Wars Chewbacca™️ slippers with sound are great for relaxing. If they need some small but mighty friends to accompany them on galactic adventures, a Star Wars Yoda™️ or Star Wars Chewbacca™️ itty bittys should do the trick. They’re irresistible.

Tuck all your cool finds for them into a Star Wars R2-D2™️ gift bag, and you’ll officially be the coolest kid in the galaxy.


Sonic the Hedgehog gift ideas

17720 Gift Ideasfor Parents Sonic

If you played video games with your parents growing up, you probably have some pretty awesome parents. And if their favourite video game character happens to run fast, curl up into a ball and collect gold rings, they probably love Sonic the Hedgehog™️. So why not level up with some of these game-tastic gift picks?

A Sonic the Hedgehog™️ tape dispenser or perpetual calendar is sure to keep their office (and life) in order. If they’re more about wearing their heart on their speedy feet, these Sonic the Hedgehog™ 16-bit style crew socks feature all their favourite characters from the games and movies.

And who says you can’t bring characters into the kitchen? The Sonic the Hedgehog™️ pizza cutter is a clear cut above the rest. If barbecue is more their thing, the Sonic the Hedgehog™️ branding iron and grill mitt will certainly make an impression.