Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes You’ll Both Love

By Hallmark staff on January 6th, 2021
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A sense of humour makes you more attractive—that’s just science. So we rounded up some funny Valentine’s Day quotes from our professional (and very sexy) humour writers to help you put your feelings into words. We’ve got your punny, your silly, your straightforward, and your high-quality dog humour love quotes. Scroll down, click and save, and copy and paste into an email or text or DM to your Special Friend, and see? You’re better looking already.

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“When you have a way with words” funny Valentine’s Day quotes

Harding queso awesome

In queso you didn’t know, you’re awesome.

Love teh hell outta you

I love the hell outta you.

Cheese Day Gratest

You’re the gratest.

Harding Dino Love

I love you THIS much! (It’s more than it looks like.)

Liesner bacon box

Is this a box filled with bacon? Yep. God, I love you.


You’re like the red, lacy thong in a drawer full of granny panties.

Brand Dave worship ground poop

I worship the ground you poop on.

Harding donut sprinkles

You are the rainbow sprinkles in a sea of glazed.


“When you’re obviously made for each other” funny Valentine’s Day quotes

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I love you because you’re exactly like me and I’m the best.

Gemma Correll weirdo pugs

Us weirdos were made for each other.

Conrad love animals square

Ah, love!


You’re sweet! You’re hot!

Nice Buns

Nice buns. You too.

You are my favorite Valentine

You are my favorite.

Dino Love

I love your long neck. I love your short arms.


“When you know what you like” funny Valentine’s Day quotes

Sleeter rachel casual sex birds val

Sometimes lovebirds decide to just be casual sex birds.

30 DEC 2018 BACON

You want some of this? You know you do!

When U hopeful weiner

when it’s valentines day and your wiener is all hopeful

2 Yes to love No to pants Valentine shareable

Yes to Love. No to Pants.


You. Booze. Netflix.

27 NOV 18 Giving

You are giving me wood right now! Yes, I am!

Conrad Humanstyle

Human style again? What is it with you and human style?

91 Wanna grind Valentine shareable

Wanna grind?


“When you put the fun in dysfunction” funny Valentine’s Day quotes

Am I fat

Am I fat? No. Am I fat? No. Am I fat? No. Am I pretty? Yes. Am I fat? No. Am I fat? No. Love me? Yes. Am I fat? No.

Dysfunctional hearts 2

Dysfunctional Valentine hearts


Good for one thing I said I wasn’t going to do anymore.