Dress Up A Party with Easy, Colourful DIY Tissue Paper Confetti

By Hallmark staff on June 8th, 2021
Diy tissue paper confetti mc

DIY tissue paper confetti is a fun, easy way to pump up the party vibe. The larger pieces in our version make a big design statement—not to mention, they’re way easier to clean up than the pre-shredded stuff you get in bags.

Diy tissue paper confetti mc

What you'll need to make tissue paper confetti

Diy tissue paper confetti 1
  • Tissue paper (you pick the colours)
  • Construction paper (coordinate with tissue colours)
  • Circle paper punch
  • Scissors or metal ruler and craft knife
Pro Tip: Fancy it up by using different sizes and shapes of punches to create circles, stars, squares, hearts, triangles…whatever fits your party mood best.

Prep the tissue paper

Diy tissue paper confetti 2

Prep the tissue paper

Multicolour packs of coloured tissue make it easy to coordinate with your party palette. Because they come already stacked, you’ll get a variety of colours with each punch—or you can layer different coloured tissue papers yourself.

Once you have your layers, cut the stacked tissue into smaller squares.

Next, grab a piece of construction paper, fold it in half lengthwise and place three sheets of trimmed tissue inside the folded paper. Two reasons:

1. Tissue paper in a punch by itself means tearing and heartbreak.
2. Layering with construction paper gives you clean cuts.

Pro Tip: If you’re reusing tissue paper, you can iron out any unwanted wrinkles. Use the polyester setting and light steam. Just smooth out a stack of three sheets of tissue with your hands, press with the iron, flip the stack and iron again.

Start punching

Diy tissue paper confetti 4

Now grab your paper punch and punch away.

If you don’t have a punch, you can use scissors to cut tissue paper into confetti-size pieces, about two inches long and half an inch wide.

If you use a craft knife and metal ruler, definitely sandwich the tissue paper in construction paper, as above.

Pro Tip: To add some drama, layer metallic tissue or iridescent cellophane with your regular tissue paper.

Party, party, everywhere

Diy tissue paper confetti 3

You really can’t make too much. Sprinkle DIY tissue paper confetti all over everything in lots of ways:

  • Spread on a buffet or dinner table and between platters
  • Glue on to party balloons for a pop of colour—or poke some inside and blow them up
  • Edge some paper cups (rub a glue stick around the bottom of a paper cup and roll it in confetti)
  • Tuck a little into invitations, birthday or congratulations cards, and thank-you notes
  • Sprinkle it in a gift box or bag
Pro Tip: If you end up with leftover confetti, store it in a jar or baggie so you’re always ready to add a flutter of fun.