DIY Valentine’s Day treat bags for kids

By Kelly Castor, Erin Martinez and Shanna Smith on December 22nd, 2023
17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 1

One of the best things about kids valentine treat bags is the surprise element—there could be anything in there! But we say, why hide all the fun inside the treat bag? Why not give kids a hint at all the fun waiting inside by adding a little (or a LOT) of fun to the outside of the bag?

If you’re of the same mind, keep reading. Because whether it’s for a classroom, for your child’s best friends, or a gift basket to surprise your own kid, we have tons of ideas and free printables to make extra-fun valentine treat bags extra easy!

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17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 1

Tic-tac-toe and word search valentine treat bags

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 2

Already have some cute Hallmark treat bags and looking for a simple and easy way to plus them up? Try adding these tic-tac-toe and wordsearch printable game cards, paired with some Crayola crayons.

What you’ll need:

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 3

Print out the free printable on card stock paper. Use scissors to cut the playing cards out.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 4

Use some washi tape to attach one or two crayons to the playing card. Then use a sticker to attach the card and crayons to the front of the treat bag.

While you’re sharing a little love…

Don’t forget love for your little, too! We’ve got lots of cute Valentine’s Day cards for kids.


Valentine treat bags with fun friends

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 5

These Valentine’s Day friends are the cutest little additions to a kids treat bag filled with goodies. (Anything with googly eyes is gold in our book.) Plus, they each hold a Crayola coloured pencil, for an added gift!

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 6

What you’ll need:

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 7

Print out the free printable. Cut the friends out and glue googly eyes on. We used fun colours for the eyes!

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 8

Using a craft knife and a cutting mat, cut along the dotted white lines, creating holes for the Crayola pencils to slide through the paper.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 9

Add a coloured pencil to each friend—use the pointy end to guide through the holes you cut. Have your kids sign their name for a final, personal touch!

Want to add a message, too?

Check out these kid-to-kid Valentine message ideas. We’ve also get message ideas for teachers, grandparents and more.


Valentine treat boxes with friendship bracelets

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 10

These friendship bracelets are a perfect opportunity to craft with your kid, and they’re the perfect way to personalize our Valentine’s Day pillow boxes.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 11

What you’ll need:

• Beads
• Tape
• Stretchy cording
• Scissors
• Pillow treat boxes

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 12

Cut a cord to the length needed. Since it’s stretchy, it can be shorter than you think. Tape down one end to the table to keep the beads from sliding off as you thread them on.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 13

We love these cute friendly sayings. Some others could be: Val Pals, Besties, Smile, Happy, Hooray, or you could give a nod to a song by their favourite pop star. 😉 When finished, tie the ends together in a double knot.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 14

Fill up the pillow boxes with treats and candies, then slide the finished bracelets onto the box. Now they’re ready to be shared in classrooms or with your kiddo’s BFFs!


Valentine’s Day gift basket with DIY candy bouquet

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 15

If you’re looking for a fun gift basket idea to surprise your little one on Valentine’s Day, you’re in for a sweet treat: This cute basket has the most precious lady bug plush that dances and comes with a matching book. The DIY candy bouquet puts it over the top in the best way. Here’s how to make them!

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 16

To make the candy bouquet, gather sweets that can be pierced onto a food-safe skewer, like gummies, marshmallows, sour fruit strips, etc. Add the candy to the skewer, leaving room on the bottom for the stick to be wrapped in the bouquet. We made 5 skewers total.

17434 DIY Treatbags Valentines 17

Next, lay all the skewers on a sheet of Hallmark tissue paper and gather to create a bouquet. Tie a ribbon bow around the bottom of the bouquet to keep everything in place.