DIY Roller Skate Valentine Box

By Hallmark staff on January 13th, 2023
16423 Val Boxes 11

Have you noticed that there’s a big roller skate revival happening? It’s kind of amazing.

If your kid needs a valentine box for a classroom party and is into this pattern, thank your lucky stars and channel your inner child because things are about to get truly, truly outrageous.

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16423 Val Boxes 11

What you’ll need:

  • Corrugated cardboard or foam core board
  • Card stock or paperboard (cereal boxes or rigid cardboard)
  • Scratch paper
  • Small paper cup
  • Ribbon and pom-poms
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Colourful paint, wrapping paper or tissue paper
  • Glitter or shiny paper
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Masking tape
  • Hot glue gun

How to make your DIY Roller Skate Valentine Box

16423 Val Boxes 4
  • Get the free printable. Download and print the free DIY Roller Skate Valentine Box template.
  • Sketch out the skate parts on scratch paper. Then trace onto cardboard and card stock as shown in the free download. Trace the cup onto the cardboard for the wheels.
  • Cut everything out with a craft knife.
  • Add colour. Cover the parts with tissue or wrapping paper, or paint them.
  • Build the skate. Once the pieces are dry, use hot glue and masking tape to attach the bottom and back of the skate to the body. Tape in the tongue and hot glue the toe, but don’t add the wheels yet. The top of the skate will be the mail slot.
  • Decorate the skate. Get colourful by adding stripes, circles, hearts, rainbows or do your own thing. Be sure to decorate both sides.
  • Make the wheels and stopper. Trace the cup on glitter paper to make shimmery circles to cover your wheels. Add smaller circles to finish them. Then give the cup some shimmer by painting it or adding glitter.
  • Lace them up. Glue or punch holes in the toe and lay the ribbon across it, then crisscross it and glue up the sides or punch holes and lace it up, just like you would shoelaces. Add pom-poms at the top for extra glam.
  • Finish it off. Hot glue the wheels to the sides and glue the stopper just under the toe.

Let’s roll!

Tip: A regular box won’t work here, so don’t be afraid to build your own box. Rigid cardboard and paperboard (like cereal boxes) are perfect for flat surfaces. To go around curves, try single-face cardboard—it’s available in rolls on Amazon.