Sweet and Easy DIY Pumpkin Surprise Treat Bags

By Hallmark staff on August 9th, 2021
Halloween pumpkin treat bag 1

This sweet Halloween project is all treats, no tricks. With just a few simple craft supplies, you can make these easy DIY pumpkin surprise treat bags for party favours, classroom snacks or “BOO-ing” the neighbours.

Because the treats inside the pumpkin are protected in plastic wrap, this is a great chance to use candy corn, candy pumpkins or other favourite un-wrapped treats (if you know the kids and it’s not against a school or organization policy). We’ve got lots of ideas for treats below.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 1

What you'll need to make pumpkin surprise treat bags

Time to raid your wrapping paper stash and craft closet.

  • Orange tissue paper (plain or printed)
  • Teal tissue paper (find out more about the Teal Pumpkin Project to make Halloween fun for kids with food allergies)
  • Plastic wrap or clear cellophane wrap (for extra crinkle sounds)
  • Green curling ribbon
  • Green washi tape or masking tape and a green permanent marker
  • Gift tags (optional but handy for labeling)
  • Googly eyes (optional but awesome)
  • Scissors

And you’ll want to round up some treats, of course. Some ideas to think about:

  • Wrapped and unwrapped candy:
    Rounded shapes without hard edges will make the plumpest pumpkins and keep your tissue paper from tearing.
  • Non-food treats:
    Fill teal pumpkins with non-food goodies like rubber balls (or bouncy eyeballs), plastic bugs or spider rings, glow bracelets, mini-spring toys, bubbles, stickers or temporary tattoos, and other small surprises.
  • Goodies for children with special needs:
    Talk to parents about little treats their kiddos will enjoy. This might include toys that light up or make noise, squishy balls or sensory dough, and fidget toys.
Halloween pumpkin treat bag 3

Cut the tissue paper and plastic wrap

Smooth out two sheets of tissue paper (one on top of the other) and use scissors to cut them into approximately 12″ squares. Each square will eventually be a pumpkin treat, so the edges don’t have to be perfect.

Tear off a sheet of plastic wrap or clear cellophane a little bit smaller than the tissue paper and place it over one of your double-layered squares. This is the lining—it’ll help you make a nice pumpkin shape and keep the candy from poking through the tissue.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 4 1

Add the treats or toys

Dump all your treats in one giant bowl to make things super easy. Use a mug or measuring cup to scoop it out—that’ll keep your portions even and help you avoid touching the candy.

Add about a cup of treats onto the plastic wrap. Shape them into a domed pile in the centre of the squares.

Wrap the plastic around the goodies and shape it into a squatty ball for your pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 8

Make the pumpkin shape

Then, one at a time, bring the corners of the tissue paper square up to meet in the middle. Smooth the tissue around the plastic-wrapped ball, allowing the paper to fall into vertical folds to resemble the lines in a pumpkin.

Twist the tissue paper at the top gently to tighten the pumpkin surprise treat bag and secure the stem. Cut the top off the tissue paper to make a flat stem.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 12

Create the pumpkin stem

Wind your tape around the stem and finish it off with a piece of tape over the top of the stem. If you’re using plain masking tape, leave it as is or use a permanent marker to colour it green.

Next, tie a piece of curling ribbon at the base of the stem and use your scissors to curl it into cute little pumpkin vines.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 14

Create some curly pumpkin vines

Tie a piece of curling ribbon at the base of the stem, and use your scissors to curl it into cute little pumpkin vines.

Halloween pumpkin treat bag 15

Give your pumpkin googly eyes

Now, all that’s left is our optional step: googly eyes. Use them for an extra dash of cuteness or get creative and make a five-eyed pumpkin, a cyclops…you do you.

You can also add gift tags if you’ve personalized pumpkin treat bags for specific kids.

Now look at that cute little pumpkin surprise treat—or pile of paper pumpkins!—you just made. Have fun delighting your friends, kiddos or neighbours with this creative Halloween treat.