Christmas Care Package Ideas to Make a Present Personal

By Meghan Craig and Megan Haave on October 19th, 2022
15893 Christmas Care Packages MC 1

We all know someone who could use a little extra care at Christmas: maybe it’s a friend going through a tough time or someone who can’t be with their loved ones during the holidays. Or maybe it’s a family member who would love a military care package or a teacher or healthcare professional who deserves a big thank-you. A Christmas care package is a personalized gift with some extra thought that can really brighten spirits.

15893 Christmas Care Packages MC 1

Christmas care package basics

A care package can be a box brimming with things you know someone needs or loves. Or the contents can come together to tell a story. Or give your friend all the elements of an experience. Whichever way you go, here are some go-to gifts for holiday Christmas care packages.

  • Treats: Start with their favourite beverage, cookies, candy or snacks.
  • A way to treat themselves: Throw in a gift card to their favourite restaurant, shop, theatre or online service.
  • Something helpful or useful: Give a holiday wine stopper with that bottle of wine, a pretty plate with cookies or a cute card wallet with a gift card.
  • A little comfort: Add cozy socks, a candle with a relaxing scent or a chunky mug.
  • Personal touches: Include a gift or keepsake that tells a story or adds a personal touch, like an ornament or picture frame (picture included).
  • The card: Because there’s no better way to tell them how much they mean to you.

Care packages that say “I get you”

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A themed care package is the perfect way to show you truly appreciate your friends’ favourite hobbies or interests.

The Hallmark Channel Fan
If you know someone who’s all about Hallmark Channel, surprise them with a gift bundle that speaks right to their happy-ending-loving heart:

  • A supersoft hoodie to set the vibe: “Hallmark Channel #1 Fan”
  • This mug: “Christmas & Hallmark Channel. The coziest time of year.”
  • These lounge pants: Comfy joggers that are way better for snuggling than running
  • This popcorn bowl: “Let’s stay in and watch Hallmark Channel”
  • This big-enough-for-the-whole-family throw: “This is our Hallmark Channel watching blanket”
  • This adorable card with a truck that feels like it could be driven by a hometown hero
  • A Christmas Village to make their mantel feel like part of a Hallmark Christmas movie
  • Their favourite wine in this Hallmark Channel wine bottle sleeve: “This is my Hallmark Channel watching wine”
  • Some yummy popcorn mix-ins.

The Happy Hour Pal
For the friend who knows where to get the best cocktails and which restaurant has the best charcuterie platter, bundle their favourites:

  • a bottle of wine or liquor
  • a cutting board and charcuterie board ingredients: cured meats and cheeses if you’re gifting locally, or gourmet crackers, good jams or mustards and a jar of olives if you’re not
  • funny cocktail napkins

The DIY Fan
If you know someone crafty, give a DIY bundle with the supplies to create their own:

  • wooden ornaments
  • felt stockings
  • snow globes
  • modern wreaths (here’s a free printable for personalizing)
  • macramé keychains
  • woven wall-hangings

The Pet Lover
The Cat Mom or Daddy. The Dog Mom or Dog Father. You know them—and their pets. So why not make a care package for both?

  • pet treats and toys
  • human treats
  • matching pet and human outfits
  • a coffee shop gift card (for a latte and puppacino)
  • a Keepsake Ornament (for photo ornaments, add a picture from their social media account—you know there are hundreds to choose from)
  • a cozy blanket to snuggle up in
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The Peanuts Fan

Have any Snoopy-heads in your life? Know somebody who can quote Linus’s whole speech from A Charlie Brown Christmas? Treat them with these lovable Peanuts gifts:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas pop-up book with light and sound
  • A cozy blanket featuring scenes from the classic Christmas movie
  • A musical tabletop figurine of the gang celebrating the spirit of Christmas: “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree. It’s who’s around it.”
  • An interactive plush featuring a sledding Snoopy and Woodstock
  • Simply adorable thank-you notes for littles (with stickers!)
  • Super-comfy slippers featuring your favourite beagle
  • A Peanuts notepad and pencil set for making those winter lists

Delivering your holiday care package

To make sure your gift of Christmas cheer arrives on time, think about where, how and when to send it.

  • Where? And how? If you’re carrying presents across the street or across town, a festive gift basket, bag or box stuffed with tissue might be plenty. If you’re shipping it across the country or across the ocean, you’ll obviously want to package for safety. Think about ways you can make the padding part of the gift: socks, mittens, scarves, wraps and throws all work for cushioning fragile items.
  • When? Lower your stress level by building buying, baking, packing up and dropping off into your busy holiday schedule. Check shipping times (along with prices and other info) with Canada Post.

Christmas packages for festive family time

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There’s nothing like the holidays to bring family and friends together. Help your loved ones make lasting memories with a care package full of cute keepsakes and group activities.

Lots of Sweetness for Littles

Christmas is an incredible time of year for kids. That said, it’s a LOT of time off from school, and including every cute thing you can to keep them busy will earn you major brownie points with Mom and Dad:

  • A Big/Little Mug Set for making winter morning memories
  • The Spirit of Giving book featuring Young Santa (there’s a matching Keepsake Ornament!)
  • A Garland of Good Deeds to make it a season of sharing and caring
  • Some free Christmas colouring pages and a fresh pack of Crayola crayons
  • A holiday notecard and sticker booklet set—because everything is more fun with stickers
  • A jumbo Gingerbread Cookie & Milk Better Together plush set

Fun With the Family
For someone who loves spending time with family or goes on regular road trips, a family-focused care package could win Christmas.

  • a Keepsake Ornament frame for a family picture (add one you find on social media)
  • a fun family puzzle or game
  • supplies for decorating sugar cookies or making a gingerbread house (or a kit to do either)
  • an Advent or countdown calendar
  • shareable snacks
  • hot cocoa, candy canes for stirring and mini-marshmallows
  • the link to one of our Spotify holiday playlists
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Baby’s First Christmas

Whether they’ve just arrived or they’re already cutting their first teeth, these care package ideas will help you make baby’s first Christmas memorable for everyone:

  • Milk & Cookies rattle
  • The littlest card for the littlest member of the family
  • A plush plaid blanket for trips to the tree lot
  • A Moose Moptop with mini boardbook
  • A DIY tea towel kit for remembering tiny hands
  • You Are a Gift Recordable Storybook

Christmas care packages to say “thanks”

Teacher care package

Think about all the folks who make your life better and easier all year long: teachers, coaches, healthcare professionals, delivery folks, mail carriers and your hair stylist. One stop at the Appreciation Station in your Hallmark Gold Crown store will help you say thanks to all of them—and is the perfect start for a personalized holiday care package. You’ll find cards and ornaments designed for all of them.

  • Teacher care package suggestions: Grab a gift card, their favourite treats, a teacher ornament, some good pens and pencils, notepads and stationery, helpful classroom supplies and a handwritten card from your kiddo.
  • Coach care package ideas: Pair a sports-themed ornament with a card for your coach. For a sweet addition, fill a water bottle with wrapped candies and wrap it all in a box with a lanyard for a bow.
  • Neighbour care package ideas: Start with a holiday card and cute neighbour ornament and add a batch of cookies or (and?) a bottle of wine. More ideas: fairy lights or candles or garden tools, gift cards to local coffee shops, or a cute keychain.
  • Hairstylist care package ideas: Say thanks with a card and a stylish Signature ornament. Doubling the usual tip is the traditional gift for a stylist, but a gift is an appropriate substitute if you know what they like. Consider a box of gourmet chocolates, a bottle of their favourite adult beverage or a gift card to a nearby lunch or dinner spot.

Holiday packages to lift spirits

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Who doesn’t need a little comfort and joy during the holidays? If your loved one is missing someone, has a hall in need of decking, is feeling more stressed out than usual or could use some Christmas cheer, try putting some of these gifts together.

Homebody holiday spirit

One of the best parts about the holidays is getting your home juuuuust right for all the merry moments to come. Here are some gifts ideas to help them do just that:

  • A Mercury Glass Candle shaped like an ornament that smells like a pine forest
  • A Nutcracker Mug for sipping hot holiday beverages
  • A Christmas-themed tea towel set to spread the holiday spirit into the kitchen
  • A simple, but still holiday appropriate, memo pad—for gift lists, perhaps?
  • And an equally cute, classic address book handy for sending those holiday cards

Hot cocoa for two

We have the best recipe for hot cocoa. Are we a little biased? Maybe, but it’s still delicious. We’d also like to point out that the whole “for two” thing is totally just a suggestion. Not a rule.

Comfy Cozy Package
Here are some ideas for packing a little extra warmth for someone feeling low:

  • snuggly socks
  • hot cocoa mix and marshmallows
  • gingerbread-flavoured tea
  • a cute mug
  • a holiday-scented candle
  • a new book
  • a cozy blanket or wrap

Sweet Holidays Care Package
Remind someone you think they’re sweet with sugary surprises:

  • sugar or gingerbread cookies (or mix) and supplies to decorate them
  • hot cocoa with candy cane stirring sticks
  • Christmas candy—or any candy
  • snowman peppermint bark
  • milk-and-cookies-scented candle

Deck the Halls Care Package
Help someone festive-up their office, dorm room or apartment with some of these:

  • garlands
  • stockings
  • ornaments
  • bottle-brush trees or a mini tree
  • pop-up Christmas cards
  • wreath-making supplies (here’s a free printable for personalizing)
  • snow globes

Cheers to Christmas
We call this one the “holiday survival kit”:

  • gather the ingredients for a holiday cocktail: Orange You Glad It’s Christmas or the Butterscotch Coquito or the Holiday Sparkler
  • a pair of stemless wine glasses
  • cocktail napkins
  • crackers or cookies or chocolates or all of the above

The finishing touch

Once you’ve assembled all the items for your Christmas care package, add an extra touch of holiday wonder by arranging and wrapping your package in a festive way and handwriting your message in a holiday card. You’ll end up with a gift that’s not only unique, but really shows you know someone and care about them.