6th wedding anniversary gift ideas

By Stacey Donovan and Cat Hollyer on July 22nd, 2021
6 anniv ideas

Traditional: Candy/Iron

Modern: Wood

Read on for unique ideas for giving 6th anniversary gifts—as well writing anniversary messages and celebrating the happy occasion.

6 anniv ideas

6th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses

What to give


  • Use gummy candy letters to spell out a romantic message on a plate or tray—better yet, a cake or pie.
  • Make or buy your “Sugar” a few kinds of candy they’ve never tried before, like Turkish delight, salted caramels, French creams or marzipan. In an anniversary card, write that every year together is a sweet new adventure


  • Give a box of high-end gourmet chocolates, and replace one of the chocolates with a surprise, like a piece of jewelry, a folded $50 or $100 bill or a love note.
  • Pick our a wrought-iron patio set or garden bench.

What to write

What to write in a 6th anniversary card

  • “Every morning, I open my eyes and look over at you and realize how lucky I am, all over again.”
  • “We’ve come so far, through so many highs and lows, and it’s made our love stronger.”
  • “Our life together has a rhythm and flow that feels constant and comforting…without ever getting dull. I love the music we make together.”

What to write about in a 6th anniversary love letter

  • Six marriage memories—one from each year
  • Six of your favourite hobbies (and why they rock)
  • Six of your favourite pictures of you together (with descriptions)

How to celebrate

  • Try your hand at making candy—the traditional sixth anniversary gift.
  • “Travel” to another country: Recreate that place in your home, right down to the food, drinks and music.
  • Play a game of “Would You Rather” over dinner (because “wood” is the modern 6th anniversary gift) and see how well you know each other.

More ideas for anniversaries


6th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family

What to give

  • Give six different kinds of candy or six gourmet chocolate bars—one for each year.

What to write in a 6th anniversary card

  • “Wishing you joy in the little moments, strength for the hard times and love, always.”
  • “Sending all our love to two of our favourite people.”
  • “Hope your 6th anniversary is as fun as you are!”

Stacey Donovan has been a writer and editor at Hallmark for more than 20 years. She also writes romance novels (under a pseudonym), and has collected a wealth of obscure knowledge in the process.