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50+ Inspiring, Empowering Quotes for Women

By Hallmark staff on March 8th, 2021
Empowering Womens Quotes MC

We look to empowering quotes for different reasons: A few meaningful words can motivate you at the start of the day, help you find strength to overcome a challenge, inspire you to be your best self, and stir powerful emotions. These empowering quotes for women were written by women with different backgrounds and life experiences but a shared goal: encourage and celebrate each other.

Empowering Womens Quotes MC

Inspiring quotes about women empowering women

Empowering Womens Quote 3

Lift her up and you rise, too.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 2

I’d love a world with women like you running it.
—Courtney Taylor

Empowering Womens Quote 4

Women like you pave the way for women like me, and for that, I am grateful.
—Sharon Valleau

Empowering Womens Quote 5

Let’s hear it for the bossy ones.
For those loud, proud women
who stand up and speak out.
For their confidence and imperfection,
their strength and vulnerability.
Let’s hear it for us.
—Meghan Craig


More inspiring quotes about women empowering women:

Women who did
created women who can.
—Mercedes Lucero

Power to the women who do.
Power to the mothers, the daughters,
the sisters, the givers, the nurturers,
the growers, the makers, the workers,
the players, the teachers, the learners,
the lovers, the fighters…
Power to the women who do.
—Keely Chace

Here’s to strong women.
May we know them,
may we be them,
may we celebrate them.
—Cheryl Gaines

Behind every strong woman
is another strong woman.
—Tina Neidlein

Need to check-in with a girlfriend?
Send a thinking of you card.

Positive affirmations for women

Empowering Womens Quote 7

The world said, “Be invisible.”
But she heard, “Be invincible.”
—Amy Trowbridge-Yates

Empowering Womens Quote 5a

She is brave when it’s hard.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 6

She believed she could, so she did.
—Suzanne Berry

Empowering Womens Quote 8

Let your dreams grow wild.
—Melissa Woo


More positive affirmations for women quotes:

Supporting my own dreams.
Lifting my expectations.
Running my own life.
—Ellen Brenneman

Wake up each day
and tell the world to bring it.
—Amy Trowbridge-Yates

Behind you, success.
Ahead of you, dreams.
Within you, everything you need
to make them come true.
—Renee Daniels

Your voice is strong.
Your voice is brave.
Your voice is your own.
—Meghan Craig


Quotes in praise of women

Empowering Womens Quote 10

You couldn’t hide your light if you tried.
—Ellen Brenneman

Empowering Womens Quote 11

Blessed, wise & beautiful.
—Jeannie Hund

Empowering Womens Quote 12

You’re destined for amazing things.
No pressure.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 13

She shines so bright, she lights up the whole world.
—Meghan Craig


More quotes in praise of women:

Love that heart of yours.
—Suzanne Berry

Skills, talents, time.
Whatever you have,
someone out there needs it.
—Jennifer Fujita

Embrace risk.
Invite change.
Celebrate growth.
Believe in you.
—Sarah Magill

Life’s more beautiful when you add your own colours.
—Melvina Young


Encouraging quotes for challenging times

Empowering Womens Quote 16

You can do hard things.
You’ve got this.

Empowering Womens Quote 17

You are more than this moment.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 15

We don’t give up.
We step up.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 14

Look around you and you’ll know
where you are.
Look within you…and you’ll know
where you’re going.
—Linda Elrod


More encouraging quotes for challenging times:

Perseverance is in our DNA.
—Elle McKinney

The darker the day,
the brighter she shines.
—Jeannie Hund

How to be Your Own Woman:
Claim your own power.
Take your own path.
Cherish your own body.
Nurture your own spirit.
Do your own stunts.
Speak your own truth.
Tell your own story.
—Keely Chace

The universe is wide.
You will find your place in it.
—Melvina Young

Speak up.
Refuse to be shushed by anything
degrading or indecent or just plain stupid.
Understand that you don’t have to choose
between being powerful or being liked—
that it is entirely possible
to have a good head on your shoulders
and cute hair, too.
You are a woman.
Brilliant, bold, beautiful…
rolled into one badass package.
—Amy Trowbridge-Yates

Mess up. Own it.
Move on. Grow.
—Melvina Young


Ways women make the world better

Empowering Womens Quote 20

What you’re doing is important.
The staying in, the figuring it out,
the pushing through.
It might seem like it doesn’t matter,
but it does—to your loved ones
and to the people you may never know.
Because that’s just how goodness works.
And that’s how you’re changing the world,
every single day.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 21

—Suzanne Berry

Empowering Womens Quote 18

Women change the conversation.
Women change the game.
Women change the world.
—Meghan Craig

Empowering Womens Quote 19

The world needs what you got.
—Lynn Giunta


More quotes on ways women make the world better:

The best way to change the world?
Start with your own.
—Suzanne Berry

Whatever is unchangeable…change it.
—Mercedes Lucero

Some of the best decisions in history
were made by women who stood up,
faced the world, and said, “HELL NO!”
—Courtney Taylor

Do good.
Bring friends.
—Jennifer Fujita


Quotes about friends supporting each other

Empowering Womens Quote 23

Best friends read your mind,
know your heart,
and feed your soul.
—Alyssa Kimmel

Empowering Womens Quote 22

A woman who’s got
her girls behind her
has got the world.
—Melvina Young

Empowering Womens Quote 25

Sisterhood is our superpower.
—Meghan Haave

Empowering Womens Quote 24

I’ve got your back.


More quotes about friends supporting each other:

I’m on team YOU.
That means whatever
wants to come at you
has to get through me first.
I got your back.
And we got this.
—Jeannie Hund

Friends remind us of our awesomeness
when we’ve forgotten.
—Melissa Woo

Held together by friends,
love, and taco Tuesdays.
—Courtney Taylor

When it gets the darkest,
you’ll see who your true friends are.
They’ll be the ones carrying the light.
—Katherine Stano

Friends are like cheese puffs.
You’re always happy to see them,
and it’s really comforting
just knowing they’re there.
—Melissa Woo


Inspiring quotes for mothers and daughters

Mother Daughter Empowering Womens Quote 29

So much of who I am
is because of who you are.
—Linda Elrod

Mother Daughter Empowering Womens Quote 26

Little girls with dreams
become women of vision.
—Meg Hilburn

Mother Daughter Empowering Womens Quote 28

You taught me that smart is beautiful.
—Melvina Young

Mother Daughter Empowering Womens Quote 27

I’m so lucky…
one of my favourite humans
is also my daughter.
—Anna Wenner


More inspiring quotes for mothers and daughters:

You can tell them to dream
or you can show them how.
—Meghan Craig

Great women raise great women.
—Jennifer Fujita

Her life, her story,
and her courageous spirit
are like no other.
She is someone to look up to,
to cheer for, and to love.
—Stacey Donovan

Our mothers marched so we could soar.
—Lisa Riggin

A parent’s job is to lift their daughter up
so that one day she will rise on her own.
—Catherine Hollyer

She’s courage and spice
and everything nice,
and she’s also good at math.
—Suzanne Berry

A mother’s love is
the sun for growing,
the moon for dreaming,
the stars for guiding the way.
—Barbara Loots