3 Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

By Hallmark staff on August 24th, 2022
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The kids’ table is the place to be at Thanksgiving: all the fun and none of the responsibility. And because sometimes the resulting enthusiasm and energy needs to be (ahem) ”redirected,” we’ve created three kids Thanksgiving crafts to occupy the family’s youngest members.

Just download, print and provide a few really basic supplies. Our junior design consultants (Hallmark designers’ kids) have tested and approved all three.

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What you’ll need:

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The Thanksgiving Placemat is the easiest activity of all: All you need is a printer and a handful of crayons. The design is simple enough for the littlest artists, with enough detail for older kiddos. (And moms. Also perfect for moms who need some colouring therapy after everything is put away.)

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For a peek inside your child’s psyche, our Thanksgiving Activity Book includes some fill-in-the-blank questions and a “draw what you’re thankful for” prompt on the back. There’s also a word search to provide a little quiet—or spirited—competition between your younger guests. Just print it out and fold it in half.

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We recommend letting kids colour the Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card before you cut it out and put it together, unless some scribbles on the table aren’t a big deal.

How to put the turkey place card together

1. Cut it out along the solid lines.

2. Fold along the dashed lines.

3. Cut a slit in the solid line near the turkey’s rear end.

4. Put the tail in the slit.