Paper Wonder

Paper Wonder

Take special occasions to another dimension. Paper Wonder 3D papercraft cards transform traditional messages into incredible works of art.

Love Gives Us A Fairytale
Happy Valentines Day With Roses
The World Is A Little Kinder
Birthday Cake And Balloons With Forest Friends
Fun And Amazing
For My Valentine
Christmas Is Coming
Lucky In Love Fishbowl Pop Up Anniversary Card
The Sweetest Memories

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Hallmark Paper Wonder opens up a whole new world in the greeting card experience. Each card contains a hidden world of artistry waiting to be discovered.

Showcasing the latest paper craft innovations, Hallmark Paper Wonder greeting cards tell unique stories through memorable craft artwork. Each intricately crafted card unfolds, pops and expands to reveal an incredible hidden surprise. Thanks to each card’s ingenious design, recipients are compelled to hold on to the card as a cherished keepsake.

“With their intricate and beautiful design, Paper Wonder cards are the type of cards you want to hold on to – they’re more than a sentiment, they’re a gift in themselves,” said Lindsey Roy, chief marketing officer with Hallmark Greetings. “Giving a Paper Wonder card is like freezing a moment from your relationship in time to remember and cherish forever.”

The delightful collection of pop-up cards and gift wrap inspires people to explore, discover and share with family, friends and loved ones.

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