Self Care Space Ideas

By Hallmark staff on May 29th, 2020

You love taking care of others. But, putting maximum care out into the world depends on taking care of yourself, too. With a little intentional selfcare, you can better sense the needs of others, empathize, and take meaningful action.

Selfcare can mean different things to all of us- from spending a moment reading with a cup of hot tea and cozy blanket, to binge-watching your favorite show or even gathering with a group of good friends for some extroverts. Take a moment to think about what activity makes you recharged and then see if you can make regular time for it.

It can be helpful to create a selfcare space in your home where you can sit with intention to recharge. Here are some ideas for creating a selfcare space just your own:

  • Keep your space organized with coordinating containers – Sitting next to yesterday’s unopened mail and tomorrow’s to-do’s is not relaxing.
  • Write down a list of things that make you happy – Consider and recognize the things that bring joy and meaning to your life. Writing it down is even better so that you can return to the list on a tough day.
  • Use real greenery to filter air and add a hint of nature – Plants add a touch of life and calm to any space. If you’re not a green thumb, consider faux plants.
  • Keep the lighting comfortable – Candles (real and falmeless) are the best for mood lighting. No fluorescents allowed!
  • Relax… your brain with one of those reversible-sequin pillows – Okay, the pillow is not mandatory but we love those! The important thing to do is find something that relaxes you. Bonus, if it is nice to touch and has pink and gold sparkles!