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Whether you’re looking to start a new venture or expand your store’s current product offering, we’ll help you find the solution that best fits your needs.

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Become part of our growing franchise network with your own Hallmark Gold Crown® store.

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Install a Gold Crown® department (or store-within-a-store) within your current retail location.

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Small concepts and assortments available to those who are looking to add Hallmark to their current offering but have smaller footprints available.


Hallmark Franchise


Become a Gold Crown® Franchisee.

As a Hallmark Gold Crown® store franchisee, you join one of North America’s longest-lived networks of specialty retail stores.

We formalized the Gold Crown® store program in 1986 as the flagship of the Hallmark brand. We understand that in today’s competitive marketplace, the importance of the consumer experience is paramount. That’s why we’re laser focused on 3 aspects of experience:

  • Providing the most expansive offering of first-to-market Hallmark product innovation that WOWS our customers; this includes access to all sub-brands including the coveted Keepsake® Ornament line.
  • Curating an environment where cards remain an essential part of everything we do but where story-telling, artistry and community content all help us ENGAGE the customer and address her needs to connect.
  • Ensuring exceptional service in the form of connecting with our customers and helping them CARE for others via a leading- edge training program for store personnel.

Best-in-Class Supports include but are not limited to, access to our proprietary Hallmark Rewards loyalty program, assistance from in-house real estate and store design support, a dedicated Business Development Specialist and comprehensive national marketing initiatives.


Hallmark Department

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Drive additional traffic to your store with full access to exclusive Hallmark Gold Crown® products and programs including the proprietary Hallmark Rewards Loyalty program.

Applicants must be willing to invest in the concept to support the elevated customer experience our Gold Crown® consumers expect. This includes location and aesthetic of department, fixturing, dedicated staffing, event marketing and social media support. Locations must be geographically and financially viable for sustained operation and meet minimum footage requirements.


Hallmark Express

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This is the perfect solution for those retailers who wish to provide a fundamental presence of Hallmark branded product to meet their customers’ basic social expression needs.

Product breadth includes Greetings, Gift Presentation, Stationery, Gifts, Boxed Cards and Ornaments.

Retailers should be prepared to meet minimum footage guidelines to satisfy consumers’ expectation of price and caption breadth.